Playing around with PPT games

You’ll need to download the file to listen to the tunes. I uploaded it as pptx leaving it open to be adapted according to your interests. Feel free to use it in anyway you like.

You can download all the files from here:

On Monday we are back in class. And I am very excited as I took the couple of weeks off to read and reorganize some thoughts around mixed-level groups and intermediate plateau. My 9th graders are going to work with the screenscripts they had created before going on vacation and I wanted to start the semester in a lighter tone so I was thinking of start with a puzzle mystery task until Julie Raikou posted in the ELT CINEMA Facebook group a game activity called Name the Movie Tune by David Deubelbeiss.

I thought it would be really a cool idea to create something similar, and my students would enjoy it as some of them are crazy about TV series. As we are going to work with a Sitcom this semester, I thought I would also take the opportunity to use this sort of activity to create a follow-up task (I’ll post more about it tomorrow as I need to create my own poster) that could help me learn more about their preferences when come to TV series. So I created my own PPT inspired by David Deubelbeiss. Lot of learning for me as I had to download youtube videos, extract the audio, edit it using audacity. 🙂 I’m quite happy with it and I plan to learn how to create mazzes and puzzles using powerpoint. I saw some cool videos in youtube yesterday. 😉

One of the challenges I encounter though when using GAMES with my groups of 9th graders is that I have a huge language ability gap in most of those groups and it wouldn’t be fair to Lower Level learners if they don’t get similar opportunities to win the game. The aim is this case is to have of course language practice through the game, as well as testing their knowledge. I’ll be interested in learning what strategies learners who are good at English but not a huge fan of TV Series will employ in order to fully participate in the challenge.

Because of the gap, I need to think of ways to play it and giving support to the lower levels without losing the other ones in the process. Instead of just playing it orally (it would probably be more fun and dynamic for Higher level learners), I created clue cards that I will read out (HLLs will focus on making sense of what they hear and negotiate meaning in L2 and I’ll encourage other HLLs to contribute to it). For learners who are total beginners I’ll provide the clue card in L2 and L1 and make sure they have an opportunity to listen and read to the L2 clues . For those who are lower level but around A1 level, they will listen and read the card in L2 only and be able to negotiate meaning by asking questions like, what does ____ mean in L1?.

Working with different levels of English together and trying to attend each group need is not easy, but I am confident that if the group respect and care for each other success, it is possible. I’m learning and experimenting with different tasks, estrategies and task lenght this year. Differently from last year, I can see the work with multi-level group being more fun and enjoyable for them and me as I learn to see things from their perspective. Here is the raw version of the clues. Let me know what you guys think and any suggestion is welcome.


21 thoughts on “Playing around with PPT games

  1. Rose,

    Thanks for the mention and glad my game was so inspiring – this is the top of the top, when one’s creation/material gets another teacher thinking about design issues for learning and building something.

    I’ve faced the same issue as yourself, years ago when first using class games. I finally hit on a solution with BAAM – a quiz kind of game where any team can win right up to the last question. It keeps lower level students involved and that at a minimum leads to learning.

    I have loads of video/quiz games for movies and will share many in the near future. My challenge these days is mostly about curation and sharing my work – so focusing on that. But you did ask about the movie quiz video and I created that with Camtasia for compiling images/sound, timed to 20 seconds. First put all the audio into NCH Wavepad which is a very simple tool I like, for converting, editing and joining audio files. Thought about using the Camtasia built in quiz compiler to pop up between and which gives a multiple choice question but thought that would be a little less “clean” and open.


    • Thanks Vicky for the support. Love the idea of stronger students creating their own quiz. That is a great idea. I can use this idea in the following weeks when we start working with The Middle sitcom. It could be given as homework. While lower level focused on watching the episode/practicing in English. What do you think?


  2. Thanks Rose, yes take a look at that concept. It tries to create unpredictability into the game in order to capture student interest. Vicky – you raise the most important point of using games – that we aspire to reach a point where it is our students constructing, presenting, learning full circle through games – with the teacher just there as a monitor. Student created games are the top dog goal.


  3. Dear , Rose
    I’ve read and read again. I am really proud of you. Great ideas, ! Words and ideas which come from your heart. Priceless! Invaluable for us educators. You do never stop! You rock, girl! Keep up this wonderful work! Cheers!
    Roseli – Flor do Recife


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  5. Hi Rose!

    Awesome ideas – I will definitely try them out with my students in August, when our classes start again : ) Thanks so much for the great post and ideas!



    • I’ll prepare better quality clue cards Vicky. Even though they worked well for the learners, it wasn’t easy for me to manage. But they were so excited about the game and completing the task that higher levels didn’t get bored at all. It worked nicely for the two groups I used with today. I hope it will useful for your classes in the future too. Thanks for the support.


  6. Hi Rose!
    What a wonderful activity! You are right that working with different levels of English together and trying to attend each group need is not easy. But, when I read your activity here, i feel that everyone enjoy the activity.
    I think I’m gonna try to play it after our holiday next August. So,please tell me how to guide this activity. Okay dear?:)
    Thank you so much, you are always inspiring me^^

    Squid hugs
    Ika Chieka


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