WHO I AM NOW as a professional

It’s time to update my BIO. My trajectory from 2015 on has taken a huge turn. It was the year that I finished my pedagogical studies in EDUCATION (UNISUL, 2015), with a focus on Early Childhood education and school management which allows me to work in K-5 and also managing schools, becoming an academic director of studies, researcher in Education or teacher coordinator. Since then,

I worked from 2017 to 2018 in a local college researching active learning, and mentoring more than 100 professors to change their teaching approach from lecture-based to problem and project-based learning.

I’ve also especialized in Instructional Design (SENAC, 2018), in Current Methodologies and Trends focused on learners applied in any given context, including hybrid models (PUCRS, 2019),  Educational Technology through my MSc. in ICT in Education (UFSC, 2019).

WHO I WAS back in 2015

I’m an English teacher fascinated by learning and teaching process and challenges. My main focus is always helping students to develop language and life skills. I mainly work with small groups, all levels and ages. I love working with YL and adults, but teens are the ones who amaze me the most.

I enjoy reading a lot and because of that Hubby loves joking around saying that it is part of my diet. What I love though is learning. Books is one kind of media to deliver knowledge, to provoke thoughts and generate growth. I also love audiovisual media and as students enjoy it too, I try to add them to lessons whenever is possible through music clips, tv series, videos, films, etc. On a personal note, I’m a mother of 3 kids in different stages of life: one in college (22), one in high school (18) and our youngest is 5. Sean was born in England where we lived for some time. Hanna was born in Rio and Emanuel in Santa Catarina. We don’t plan to move to anywhere any time sooner, but I plan to go back to Egypt at some point one day. My son and I left family and friends there, as well as in England. Painting and drawing was also one of the most important experiences I have had in my life. It is in my bucket list to have an art vacation and study under a friend in Brugge, who started drawing and painting at the same as me and has become such a great artist.  So happy to see how those who shared their journey in the artworld with me are doing so well. As I got back in teaching, I used the good things from art experience in my teaching. I have been teaching English for 17 years now and can’t imagine doing anything else. Even though I love other things, being in class is so amazing. When I get a new group, that group becomes a little village and together we travel to different places, learn different things about ourselves and other people. It is a journey beyond the language and the language becomes the media to explore the world around us. So, you can call me Rose. I’m Carioca, but I live in Santa Catarina now. And I am a learner at heart who loves sharing and looks forward to some feedback. I really believe that growth/development happens by dialoguing with different ideas, by questioning our own and reflecting. Eventhough I have always been afraid of doing that, I am trying to overcome this by blogging and participating more on online discussions. Please feel free to add your thoughts on my posts. After all, the only reason I am writing is to learn from you and with you. 🙂 Baby Emanuel – Jan 2012


10 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

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  2. Very interesting to know about you. I am so eager to share experiences of teaching with you.
    Faisal Shamali, Jordan


  3. I am so inspired by the fact that you are overcoming your fear of discussing ideas by blogging and posting and participating in discussions. I am very slowly going through a similar process. Thanks for an interesting and inspiring blog.


    • Thanks Rachel for your kind words. I look forward to reading your blog. Writing is a quite a demmanding task not just because it involves the technical knowledge and subject knowledge, but also because it is greatly about the writer and the readers. I’m glad you are writing yourself.


      • Hi Rose, Thanks for your comment. You are so right about writing being demanding and its the technical side that has held me up of late. I am trying to find help using videos on YouTube but it is hard going at time. I won’t give up though!


        • Hi dear Rachel. While writing (about a week ago actually) the blogpost I published today, I thought of you. I hope you keep writing and finding your own voice without fearing what might others think of it, but do it first of all for yourself while having others in mind. I hope the new blogpost encourages you to keep writing.


  4. Hello Rose,
    Your blog is really impressive! I look forward to great professional collaboration with you. Also, thanks for following my blog.


  5. Dear Rose,

    My name is John Arnold, and Vicky Lloras suggested that I contact you.
    I am the Events Officer for BELTA (the Belgian English Language Teachers Association – http://www.beltabelgium.be). We offer a series of monthly webinars for Belgian English language teachers and for the at-large ELT community. Vicki and Mieke thought that you would be a great addition to our line-up.
    A little about the BELTA Webinars:
    They are usually offered on a Sunday afternoon, around 4 pm CET.
    They last about one hour, which includes a short introduction from a BELTA officer, your presentation, and time for questions.
    The session is recorded. The recorded session and any materials for the webinar are then placed in our secure ‘Members Only’ area for BELTA members to revisit your presentation or to view it for the first time.
    You choose the topic, but we are happy to suggest topics that might be of interest to our members as well.
    The webinars should be interactive.
    In the past, our webinars have been attended by experienced teachers, teacher trainees, freelance teachers, and school administrators. The audience is diverse, allowing for a range of topics to be presented.
    We are looking for presenters for 2014, except for the months of March, April and August. We will work with you and the person in charge of the virtual environment to find a date and time that is agreeable for all parties.
    If you are interested in being a presenter, please contact me .
    Thank you!
    Kind regards,
    John Arnold
    Events Officer


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