9th Graders

The Project Up in English is a program in my school that give students enrolled in the Language Center in the afternoon to have an hour and half extra in the morning. Back in 2008, our school started their own language center. In 2009 the students that were then in 7th grade started in the Up in English Project.Since then it has expanded the program from 6th to 9th graders. AT times I have other grades, but usually I get all the 9th graders groups. Students are around 13 and 14 years of age.

How does it work:

– In the afternoon they are grouped by level and they learn with a coursebook. In the morning they are grouped by age and there isn’t a coursebook to work with. (We can use regular school textbooks if we want to.)

– In the Project Up in English maximum of 10 students per group. In 2013 I had 8 groups of 9th graders varying from 1 to 8 students per group.

– They are mixed-levels so I have to be flexible in what and how I work with them.

– There is a grammar-based syllabus to guide the program, but it is also flexible.

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