Follow-up post to THE HILLS song

In my previous post about songs, something I rarely write about, I shared a way to find out about students preference for music.

And the song chosen was The Hills.

I prepared the class around the following topics:

Who is Weeknd? Is it a band?

Most people would think so, and so did most of my students. In pairs, they researched online and wrote a mini-biography. Then, on the board we decided what info to keep and what to leave out using everyone’s searched information. We posted a picture of the board in our Whatsapp group.

What kind of music does Weeknd sing?

We reviewed types of music and discussed his songs briefly.

What do you like the most in this song?

I mentioned in the previous post that most students just listen to music without paying any attention to the lyrics. However, they pay a lot of attention to the video clip. It tells a story, there is attitude and they love that!

Another activity was to read the lyrics in English and Portuguese and give their opinion. I wanted them to engage with the text of the song by connecting the message/text/story to how they feel about things.

Here is the only response that concentrated on the lyrics. Other students didn’t seem to be able to really tell how they feel about the lyrics or wanted to share it.

“I don’t love this song, but I like it. In the lyrics, I like this part the most. “Hills have eyes, these hills have eyes/Who are you to judge?/Who are you to judge?/Hide your lies, girl./Hide your lies/Who are you to judge?/Who are you?…’

The last activity was rewriting the first stanza using complete sentences.

For example the first verse was:

“Your man on the road, he doing promo.”

You man IS on the road, he IS doing promo.

We talked about grammar in the song and how it might affect their learning. Just so they become aware of it!

We actually didn’t even listen to the song in class.

Our next song is…





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