Call for teachers to join our VEP project

In 2013, Gemma and I carried out a virtual exchange project (VEP). As you will learn in the presentation below I had been looking for ways of making monolingual classes to enjoy using English today and meaninfully. Gemma had a great idea and that was my first experience connecting Brazilian learners of English to speakers of other languages using English to communicate with each other.

In all VEPs I’ve taken part so far, learners showed interest in participating right away and most of them were able to maintain their interest throughout the project without the need of me reminding them of the deadlines. They were indeed self-motivated to participate in the project while a few of them needed to be nudged and encouraged to keep up with the project.

Captura de tela 2015-10-22 12.09.19

Here is a VEP I’d like to invite you to take part with your students. If you want your students to react/respond or post their own questions, please fill the form below. Access to the Padlet will be given to teachers through email. This is a way to make the exchange private and learners more comfortable with the exchange.

This project will be available from October 23th to November 27th! Please join us!

How can you use this project?

You can choose to use it just as input for your classes or for your students to participate actively. It’s up to you. Whatever way you choose to participate, you’ll need to fill the form.


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