Playing with Google Forms

The Brazilian Community of English Teachers promoted a webinar with Giselle Santos last November. In that webinar, I learned about the potential of using Google Forms to create Quizzes online and using an Add-on called Flubaroo to grade it. You can learn about both and other tools in this video.

Here is another great tutorial on how to use Google Forms and Flubaroo.

If you want to get a feel of the activities and how you could be using it, go ahead! Take it, and at the end of the form there is a space for you to add your feedback. Criticism is welcome.


3 thoughts on “Playing with Google Forms

  1. Hi Rose,
    I particularly liked the first two questions where there are no “correct” answers. I realise I don’t do enough like that myself.
    Afterwards I found it quite difficult because I’m not familiar with that American accent. (Your students probably find it easier than me.) One question I couldn’t answer. After listening several times I think I got the others right but we’ll never know because I hit a wrong key and everything disappeared. Grr! Grr!
    I’m afraid at 1:30 in the morning I don’t have the energy to do it again and Lazarus doesn’t work here. 😟

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    • Oh dear Glenys! Sorry to hear your response wasn’t recorded. Thanks so much for doing it and for your feedback.

      They can take it made times actually. I like the personalize question because it gives me a chance to learn more about the group and bring more conversation into class too. If I know that most have dogs, we can bring pictures of the dogs or tell stories for example. I was just playing with the form. I look forward to hear what my students will say about it too. Thanks so much for your feedback.


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