Stories in Education: Brazil

Josette Leblanc shared this post on FB and coincidentally Giselle Santos posted a vídeo documenting the stories in Brazil where people make the school we dream of happen (at least the one I dream for everyone’s children). Schools that consider local needs, dreams, potential, culture and history. Schools that create their own projects for the future. Schools that understand the world without losing sight of your own reality. Schools that promotes  respect and to care for one another.

I had seen in the past stories here and there, but I had not seen though anything with this kind of focus. The usual documentaries focus on innovations and/or technology which are important if relevant to the reality and desires of the local community. In this documentary though the stories are real examples of what people can do if they only wish to.

People is the present to build a better now.


Thanks Josette and Giselle for sharing a piece of hope today! More people giving voice to what our children need more hopeful we become for a better future.


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