The DNA of GREAT Teachers – 3 “listicles” you have to read!

I’ll keep this post as a reminder for myself. I’ll read and mull over it from time to time and I’ll question myself. Because I know it is ok to do so.
Instead of a great teacher though, I would like my students to say I learned while in her class. But it seems that for students sometimes learning is the least of their concerns and whatever reasons they have, I won’t be the cool teacher they expect. It’s frustrating sometimes. While I care to see them improving their ability to communicate and learning, they care about anything but IT. Some of them of course. Not all. But still. Not all. I wish I could do more. I’ll keep trying.
Can I still feel great knowing at least that I have given my best to them? Or that I have checked or tried to at least check the items in the lists provided in this post?
I don’t know. There are days it doesn’t feel I’ve done it. you know.


Last week, allthingsLEARNing offered a bout of bloggery from guest-blogger Steve Brown (Is it all in the Genes?).

Today we have a follow-up guest-post from Cas Olivier (all the way from Harties“, a small resort town in the North West Province of South Africa). I never actually got to Hartbeespoort on “my walkabouts” around South Africa – but now I have a reason to do so…next time.

Cas (guest post slide) 01


The story of how I bumped into Cas in the blogosphere is a funny one!


About 8 months ago, I was desperately looking for some new images to “steal” for one of my own posts on “GREAT TEACHers”. Yes, I know…some of you “hate” this phrase – but, come on – who among us all does not want their students to say something like – “Tony Hocam is a GREAT

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