Revisiting #30GoalsChallenge with my Theme Song

But when we were younger, when we were younger

I had the answers, I’ve got to say

But all of my answers, now that I’m older

Turned into questions, right in front of me


Back in June 2013 the 4th #30Goals challeng had started. I posted as part of the reflection 3 out of 30 goals and I’m sure if I revisit the other 27 and reflect on the past year, I will discover that I have actually achieved more goals which I had no time to write about as I was investigating my own practice and exploring new ideas. But the most important thing was to connect with more teachers through the Goals Challenge and I’m so thankful for that. Especially for being more in touch with Theodora, Maria, Fabiana, Haná, Christina, Sylvia and Shelly. You all have made this year more exciting and interesting for me with your posts in and out of FB.

As for the goals…

I skipped Goal #3 at the time because I could not pick a song. I could define my moment Goal #1, share how I avoid burn-outs Goal #2, and Goal #4 when I revisited an old idea. But I couldn’t decide between rebel or wonder. I’m a wonder though, not a rebel. I can’t help but wonder. Wonder about life, about what I am doing. Life does not seem simple, yet it does. It is again, a matter of perspective, choice and also courage to look into the unknown. It is true though that people don’t get to shove things down my throat and I’m easily seen as a rebel, the one who won’t conform. But I’m not a rebel. I’m a wonder. Someone who will ask why this and not that. Simply put someone who will ask questions.

The songs I’ve chosen reflect my questions about life, the world, and so on.

When Shelly and I talked on Google hangout I shared about how this part of me play positively on the exploration of ideas and my PD.

My favorite line from each song.

Say no to this insanity, create a new reality

Take control of your mind and meditate

None but ourselves can free our minds.


One thought on “Revisiting #30GoalsChallenge with my Theme Song

  1. Where is the Love is one of my favourite songs as well! There is so much to be said through that song and you can use it in your lessons for discussion but also for personal reflection! Take Care dear Rose! I wish the best for you and your family! Be strong!!


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