11 Questions by Fabiana Casella in Argentina

I met Fabiana online when we both were participating in the #30 Goals challenge earlier this year. This is not the first time she thinks of me and I thank her for keeping me in her thoughts. In the #30Goals there was a tagging going on too. Shelly  Terrell started by tagging someone in the group, and that participant had to tag someone else to be interviewed by Shelly. Fabiana then tagged me. So we have known, supported and interacted with one other since then! And although our teaching context is very different and we have different personalities, we still have something in common.

“[..] My Life In The Fast Lane as a Continuous Learner and devoted proud Mom.”

From her blog header. 🙂

For a bit more of Fabiana check the video out!

Answering Fabiana’s questions now!

1. What are three adjectives that describe you best?
I’m sure depending of who thinks of me, I’d be described differently. It is actually hard for me to describe myself though, but if I could choose three adjectives it would be about how I hope people can see me, they’d be:

Candor as I hope my words are taken for what they are without leaving doubt of what I am feeling or thinking. If someone does something to upset or make me angry, and if you hear me talking to the person in a tone that it doesn’t show, it is because I don’t feel that way. I am what you see when comes to my emotions. If I am angry or frustrated, my whole body will show it. I can’t hide stuff. It would be a burden for me.

Hardworking as opposed to intelligent. Nothing ever comes to me easily. I was not top of my class when in school, and as I grew older I discovered that curiosity and self-directing is the key. Let’s not forget self-organisation something I am usually strive for, but I keep journals and set my own deadlines to help me keep on track. And Caring!

 2. Who is someone you admire the most? Why?

I admire people for different reasons, but it blows my mind those that can work in difficult situations. I often think of teachers who work in areas deprived of so many things but still work with such enthusiasm and steadfastness.

3. What is your favorite color? Why?

My favorite color is blue. Blue represents the sky and on bright days the sea reflects it. I just love staring at both.

4. Where would you like to spend your dream vacation?

I have no idea. To be honest I am not the tourist type of person. I enjoy places because of the people I meet or simple things I can do like sitting in a café and having coffee and a large piece of gauteau while reading something. Or staring at the sea for hours and praying. I hate sunbathing. I love swimming though, but I hate cold water. So again. No idea.

5. Are you a good cook? What is your “speciality”?

Yeah, I am a good cook, and I love making pasta.

6. Have you ever met a Hollywood star? Where? How?


7. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

None of them. I know you love the Beatles. I’m not so much into music as most people are. I enjoy listening but I don’t have a real preference.

8. Can you Tango? or better said: Can you dance Tango?

No, but that is something I’d love to have a chance to learn and dance with my husband. I was terrible at dancing before I met him, but he was a “pé de valsa” (someone who loves dancing and was pretty good at it).

9. Have you ever eaten some exotic food?

Not that I remember of. I’m not very adventurous when comes to food.

10.Do you think you are a connected educator?

😀 I think I am. 😀

11. If you were ever offered to teach in a foreign country, which one would you choose?

Egypt. I have already lived there and that is closer to other countries my husband and I often talk about visiting one day.

Read more about Fabiana in her own post of the 11 Challenge here.


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