Vicky’s turn: Tag challenge

It is really fun to see posts popping up from all over the place. Being tagged and tagging has been going on for a week I think. I have no idea who had started it, but whoever it was had a great idea. The second person to tag me was Vicky Loras. And as far as I can see everyone in my PLN who has a blog has already been tagged. Maybe I’ll have to try something a little bit different or dig a bit deeper for teachers who has a blog and haven’t been tagged yet. We’ll see. In my last post Vicky was also part of the answers, click here to read them.

Vicky: Which person in ELT would you like to meet in person and why?

Me: Vicky that is a hard question to answer. EVERYONE in my PLN I would say simply because I would love to give a big THANK YOU hug for all THEY have done for me. Each and every interaction, blog post written by them, the ones I commented on or shared was so important for me this year.

Vicky: With whom from the PLN was your first meeting in person? What was it like?

January 2012 Juan and I in Tatuapé Shopping Mall/SP

Me: Juan Uribes. It was a short encounter almost a year ago. I think we spent just an hour sitting in a café. It was amazing for me and it felt like we’ve known each other for ages. We shared plans, stories about ourselves. He met my little Emanuel and my husband too.Juan was very kind to come and meet me in a shopping mall near by my friends’ house. We spent a short period together but it meant a lot to me.

Vicky: If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be? 

Me: Education for sure, especially middle school system. The whole system in many places seems to still rely on rote learning despite the fact that we all know that it is not really real learning. 😦 Schools insist and persist on it.

Vicky: If you were not an educator, what line of work would you imagine yourself in?

Me: Funny that I grew up thinking I would never become a teacher, then I tried different things and none of them satisfied me or gave me a sense of purpose until I became one.

Vicky: Which is the next conference you plan to attend? 

Vicky: Which is the nicest destination you have visited so far and why?

Me: I’m not a person that enjoy seeing places. I’ve been to Egypt and never been to the Pyramids. It is kind of hard to believe. My students either don’t understand it or question if I even been to Egypt. What connects me to a destination is people. I could say though that Egypt is the one the blew my mind because of its culture and people.

Vicky: If you decided to write a book, what would it be about?

Me: About the people I encountered and experiences I lived with them.

Vicky: Which is the best book you have recently read? Why?

Me: It isn’t so recently. But Teach like Your Hair is On Fire  was really captivating and even though I don’t usually read a book from the beginning to the end, this one I couldn’t put it down. It is about Rafe’s journey as a teacher and what he has done to improve students outcomes. Although his context is so different from mine,  it still made me ponder about role as a teacher.

Vicky: What new activity / hobby would you like to start?

Me: I’d love to start swimming. I find the water reenergizing.  

Vicky: But What is your favourite and least favourite food?

Me: My favorite would be pizza. I love it. And the least would be hot dogs.

Vicky: What is your favourite song this period?

Some things that Vicky and I have in common:

We love books!

We are passionate about education!

We love our PLN! 


3 thoughts on “Vicky’s turn: Tag challenge

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  2. My dear Rose,

    Thank you so much for answering the questions! It is great how I know so much about you, yet learn more! I am glad you enjoyed the Esquith book. It has some really good points : )

    I hope we meet in 2014!

    Big hugs,


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