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It is easy to become closer to some than others as we can’t keep the same level of interaction with everyone which is just fine. I was so happy to be among those who Carol interacted at some level this year and I’m more than happy to answer her questions. Here they are:

Carol: What do you most enjoy about blogging?

Me: Going through the process of reflection really helps me make sense of what I do in the classroom, but without doubt that interacting with people is what I enjoy the most. I have always kept my own journals privately and I have notebooks I used as such, but blogging open the line of communication with other teachers and I just love the possibility of learning from dialoguing.

C: What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?
Me: I see my work as a journey, not an end in itself. My classroom becomes a little village where people make new connections, but what I like the most nowadays is the possibility that English gives us the possibility of making new connections with the world and expand our view about what we know about ourselves and where we live. The local and global consciousness we can develop by interacting with one another.

C: How far do you travel to work? How do you travel?

Me: I live about 20-minutes walk from the school I work for. In the morning, the van picks my daughter and me. In the afternoon, I usually walk. And in the evening, I take the bus. Although it is not far, it is not safe to walk at night alone. Most people have cars around here. I can’t drive. I went to driving school in London though. I could drive there. 😉 but not here.

C: What three things do you like to have with you when working?


My cellphone to record the process or audio record, colorful paper and board markers.

C: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Why?

Me: I’d go to Switzerland to visit Vicky and have long conversations in person. 😀

Carol: What month next year are you most looking forward to? Why?

Me: September. If there is any chance of me traveling to a place next year other than in Brazil, it will to be attend The 2nd International Loras Workshop. The person I had interacted the most in my PLN this year was Vicky. She accepted my request to mentor me and we have skyped on a regular basis. She has impacted my PD tremendously. I hope to see many others from my PLN there too.

One of the places I hope to visit with Vicky! (©Vicky Loras)

Carol: What was the last movie you saw? What did you think?

Me: I watched The Heat (2013) last couple of nights ago. The story of two ladies who have to work together in a case, one a local police officer and the other one a special agent (FBI). Problem is they don’t know how to work with others. And nobody likes them. Not even their own family. It’s a journey one might have to take for self-discovering and mutual understanding by sharing their weakness and struggles. I quite liked it and laughed at certain scenes. You can’t help but laugh. Hilarious.

Carol: What meal do you prepare most often for friends?

Me: Pizza. But although I love cooking, my husband usually does the honor. 😀

Carol: What was the first thing you ate today?

Me: My lunch. I don’t usually eat anything in the morning. I just have a cup of coffee. Bad habit, I know. When I am working in the morning, I always have something like a cereal bar, or a snack in my bag in case I need.

Carol: What do YOU think about reality TV shows?

Me: I’m not sure what to think about them. I don’t usually watch TV. I don’t like soap operas, but I would compare reality shows to Brazilian Soap Operas but less staged. A lot of what happens in both is what happens in real life if compared with the news. I don’t like being an expectator of other people’s life. I like having an active role.

Carol: Do you play a musical instrument? If not, would you like to? Which one?

Me: I don’t play anything, but I’d like to learn how to play the guitar.

Among the things that Carol shared with us about her, I found one that I can relate the most.

I also love a good argument. I prefer those that I win. Otherwise, as long as I can say what I think, challenge or be challenged, and feel like I’m making some sense, I’m happy.


5 thoughts on “Tagged by Carol Goodey: A nice surprise

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  3. Dear Rose,

    What a lovely way to get to know even more about you! I have learned so much from you the past few months and I thank you so much for that. I am happy you find our discussions useful!

    I will also be thrilled if you can make it here next year!

    Take care and keep on being so inspiring for all of us!



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