Stuff 2 KEEP in mind for 2014

1- They will learn with me and despite of me;

2- They will learn different things within the same activity, task, exercise (you name it);

3- They will enjoy it or not, learn or not whoever choice that might be;

4- They may enjoy and not learn, they might learn and not enjoy;

5- They will say it aloud or hide it from you in feedbacks, it is also their choice;

6- They will teach me tons if I am willing to listen to them;

7- They are not always right and neither am I.

8- They won’t try to please you or become your fan.. so what? I don’t have to run for miss popular.

9- They have bad days just like me;

10- They don’t have to love me, loving is a complex business and works differently for everyone, but I must make sure I can send them the right message: I care about their progress;

11- I can’t be everything for everyone all the time, I can only do my best;

12- Be careful not to lose track of what matters in class the most that being THEM accomplishing their goals as Language Learners even if some of them don’t know what they really want, and even if they are sure they don’t want to learn at all. (though one as so much goes on in class).


One thought on “Stuff 2 KEEP in mind for 2014

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