The End is near…

As the end of the year approaches, I have lots on my mind and I load of things that don’t even concern teaching. In fact, the teaching side of me is just fine. I ended the year in the best mood ever and most of my stuff are organized for vacation.

I have couple of posts in my mind:

1- Last semester on of my girls in the Intermediate group during the lesson on Wishes/Regrets came up with a song in Portuguese (famous) on the same topic and that gave me the idea to use it right there. Great thing when we have internet in the classroom. We managed to grab all we needed and the coursebook didn’t even had to be put aside. In fact, they used it a lot to help them out during the activity. This is nothing new as far as activity goes, if my memory serves me well Using the Mother Tongue by Mario Rinvolucri suggests something around these lines. The amazing thing is I had the insight of doing it. I plan to share it for #FlashMobELT soon.

2- I created a webquest a while ago as part of an assignment of a collaborative online course and ran it with my 3rd semester teens. We are about to end the course next week, then they will present their digital posters. You can access the webquest here.

*Disclaimer*: I apologize beforehand. This post is more about random thoughts and no effort has been put on it to make any sense of it for readers. In fact it is a more of an internal dialogue going on… So, if you don’t understand what I am talking about, grab a cup of coffee or tea and and  enjoy your day/evening. #INaFunnyMOOD today

But what strikes me and I think it connects also with the latest reflection on Observation is the feeling that we can do better than others (I’m sure I read something about competition in Education and I remember a point Anna Loseva made around this last year – I check them out later). This is the kind of thing I should pay more attention to when comes to myself. The fact that I am curious, no doubt I have longlife learning skills quite developed, willing to give the time to learn new stuff and reflect on them does not make me better than my colleagues in anyway. Does it? Nope, it makes me an arrogant if I think for a second that I am better and can do better in class than they can. (depending on what better means… opps sorry my arrogance coming up again). Geeh, am I after all arrogant even when I don’t mean to?

There is still so much to learn about myself as a teacher and explore, and reality is so complex that there are times I wonder how can people stage it to look better. Is that even possible? Someone posted this infographic recently over on FB. Something I want to delve into, along with the other questions/issues this year has raised for me, and I hope to completely remove the Me better from the equation and concentrate only on learning once for all.

levels of engagement


2 thoughts on “The End is near…

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