And vive la différence?! :/


The more I delve into pedagogy through history easier it gets to comprehend the present time. After all isn’t that why history is so important to us? It actually helps us build our future through the understanding of the past. It gets easier to understand, but not easier to accept or find ways to change reality, especially because change is indeed linear and takes a lot of people to be aware of the facts to get into action. That is also what Paulo Freire is all about and how he wrote and talked about it. How power and greed have actually imprissioned us in a world that talks about diversity, but can’t fully appreciate it. I’m astonished by the fact that the very school that talks about it can and will continue to be the agent used by the State to control the culture and the social behavior. Are we actually moving to a new time? Is there hope for the future? Do schools actually going to be able to go against the very thing that the state is good at although it is maintained by them? But how about private sectors? Why can’t they change their pedagogy either? What does it actually take to do it?

When I say that change starts in the top of the pyramid it means that when one is aware that changes need to happen starting in their own practice, they will often be pushed in the other way by the crowd. This happens simply because in practice people should not deviant from the approved system (society’s norm). Here is when all fall into place. It is when difficult in promoting inclusion starts. The right to have your needs in terms of learning respected, because in our education system, there is a way to teach and students have to comply to that. It all depends on who is in power to judge who and what needs compliance.

Disrepect for others is not something that only happens from top to bottom, it is also from bottom to top. We need to be aware that it is not what people are or think that affects us, but the results of it. If what I do is good for US All, for sure what I am doing is good. But if one puts their own need (meager and selfish most of the time) above others, what we get is discrimination and the abuse of power. This can also happen in the classroom when learners as well as teachers do not understand the concept of cooperation and collaboration. The struggle for power is evident and sadly it is won’t be benefitial of neither parts. Critical pedagogy might in my opinion as Paulo Freire teaches us be the only way to overcome this kind of situation. The teacher should not fight for her authority to be respected, but constantly offer learners opportunities to reassess their own role in society.

I’m right now studying about educational projects that promote inclusion and attend diversity of learning needs. The first module points out the historical, cultural and social aspects that prevent us to advance. I’m really shocked by how much school system has to respond to it. How much educators have to respond to it. And last not least our state still have to respond to it.



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