#30GoalsEDU: Goal 1

My 30 Goals Diary 2013

“Every moment is the paradox of now or never.”

~ Simon Van Booy

Defining our momentis the first goal that #30GoalsEdu Challenge inspires us to.


I borrowed the quote from Shelly’s post because we are never really sure when the moment is right. We are full of doubts and wishes, and many times we just let the moment pass.

So, this is my moment and I won’t let it pass. Since last November, I have met a great number of educators online who share the same passion for teaching and learning. They have been inspiring and supporting me.  I am so thankful for having meeting them all, and even though we haven’t met F2F, they are not less real or meaningful. In fact they have been the reason why I feel free to share my doubts and wishes through blogging, describe my context and together with many other…

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