Time to start

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It is time to start going back in time and writing down mine and students’ impressions about 2012 learning/teaching experiences and do the best I can to recall them through notes, pictures and students’ feedback. That doesn’t seem to make sense to do that now, especially that without recordings of the class, much be about only impressions, rather than working with facts. However I assume that by doing that I have something to look forward to in terms of small changes and working alongside students to pin down what really needs to change on a daily basis. But before I do so, I’d like to share some blogposts that cover the subject of students feedback and other teachers’ experiences/reflections. Wonderful posts!

Value of Students’ feedback

Students are the Real Judges-Feedback from Students (Part 1) BY GUVEN CAGDAS in TEACHERSREFLECT

Students are the Real Judges-Feedback from Students (Part 2) BY GUVEN CAGDAS in TEACHERSREFLECT

Student Micro-reflections & What I Learned From Them by ALEX GREVETT in THE BREATHY VOWEL

Learning from the Perils of Student Feedback by ALEX WALSH in ALIEN TEACHERS

Payback Time: Lessons From The Harshest Teacher Trainers (My Students!) by ALEX WALSH in ALIEN TEACHERS

Not about Students’ feedback actually, but nice post that covers students’ feedback.

How is exam prep class different from non-exam classes? by CHIEW PANG in THE DOGME DIARIES

The importance of taking Students’ culture into account

Guest post: A crash course in Korean Culture (please) by SOPHIA KHAN in THE BREATHY VOWEL

More from culture (specifically talking about South Korean Context, but worth reading and reflecting on the topics about our own teaching context and local/internation culture)

18 Things About Korean Students (part 1) by MIKE GRIFFIN in ELT RANTS, REVIEWS, and REFLECTIONS

In response to “18 Things About Korean Students (part 1) by ANNE HENDLER in LIVINGLEARNING

Feedback tools

Some Important Tricisions by NATASA in TEFL, Technology and the Meaning of Life I’ll add more links as I go!!


5 thoughts on “Time to start

    • Alex my pleasure.

      It has been really wonderful learning experience in the past couple of months reading the blogs and twitter posts and most of all by interacting.

      I’ll get started on that latter today. 🙂



    • You are so kind Guven. I’m glad to know that I am contributing somehow.

      I’m still digging. If I find more on the topic and other teachers’ experience, I will add. It is wonderful thing to read other teachers experiences and thoughts.

      Tks for commenting. 🙂


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