December 13th. An exceptional present for my blog’s birthday.

Ann Loseva's Space

        I don’t know how it happened. But I’ve managed to keep a blog (off and on) for a year. Hurray and fireworks, yay!=)


        It is a strange one, though. It is a posterous blog, first of all, so it is as unexpected as my own writing. There is no specific line it follows, there are no limits to what might one day appear here (ELT-related, still). Within this year it has not said much, but it has a lot hidden in the basement waiting for me to breathe life into. Ideas and notes need my discipline and time. Inspiration I’ve got plenty!

        Let’s unwrap the present. It is a beautiful one and I hope you’re going to like it just as much as I did! The present is a guest post by Rose Bard (@rosemerebard)…

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